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Coronavirus Precautions

Steps On Our End:

We have instructed all our cleaners to follow the CDC recommendations as far as washing hands, wearing gloves and disinfecting.  Here are the steps each of our employee do each day:

  • Each employee to wear disposable gloves in every house while cleaning, and of course dispose of at the end of each cleaning. Wash hands thoroughly each time.

  • All our cleaning supplies are disinfected between every visit, we have always used fresh cloths and will continue to do so.

  • We use virucidal disinfectant to disinfect door handles, light switches and other touch points as we leave the property.

  • Our Car interior surfaces – like door handles, steering wheel, or anywhere hands touch, are disinfected each day.

  • Upon request from any of our client our cleaners will make sure of keeping the right social distance measurements at all time by staying away from clients in a different room or at least a minimum of 1m away and of course to wear a face covering on the rare occasion where the minimum distance cannot be maintained.

If Unwell or self-isolating! :

  • Our cleaners will stay at home if they feel unwell or if they are self-isolating following NHS advices. We will immediately contact you in such occasion to provide an alternative solution.

  • Clients will need to cancel / reschedule their clean by contacting Us if they have Covid19 symptoms or self-isolating.

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